Mayor Krikke’s visit to Westvlietweg boosts the business park, The Hague

Mayor Krikke’s visit to Westvlietweg boosts the business park

The Hague

Mayor Pauline Krikke visited the Hague business park Westvlietweg on 22 February 2018. ‘A boost for the park,’ says the BedrijvenBelang Westvlietweg interest group.

Krikke visited the park as part of her city development portfolio. Among others, she was shown a drone video presenting four Westvlietweg companies. According to Peter van Drunen, Chairman of the interest group, there is great consensus on the economic significance of the park.

Earlier this year, Bond Development planted 100 new trees. These trees symbolise the vision for the future of this park. Albert Zwijnenburg, who is responsible for the ‘greenery’ management of urban district Leidschenveen-Ypenburg, is enthusiastic about this initiative: “Of course, this type of initiative makes us very happy. It started with a request for a permit to cut down trees in order to realise the changes in the business park. Our municipality gives priority to the maintenance and improvement of its greenery. The planting of these trees well-compensates the earlier activities. Having more greenery on Westvlietweg is not only more attractive for the companies themselves, it also makes the entire area more appealing. Furthermore, it can help attract other companies.”

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