Bond is the creative developer. We develop real estate projects with the utmost of precision, inventiveness and quality. These projects encompass more than just bricks. We translate our clients’ and their end users’ wishes into strong architecture, and into meticulously designed buildings that are made to last. We always think beyond the moment of completion; we aim for long-term involvement, also during the buildings’ exploitation. Bond’s commitment is to the best end result.

Peter van Drunen

It is time for a new vision on real estate. The age-old approach – doing your part, carrying out the project and moving on to the next – is a thing of the past. You can only create quality projects if you invest in a long-term involvement with the client and the projects you carry out. Only then can you develop a clear idea of what they and their end users want. I see development as a profession – an artisanal, almost artistic activity that generates an incredible amount of satisfaction, for all parties.

Arnaud van Eck

We are leaving individualism, and only looking at our own needs, behind us. People are once again in search of connection. They find each other in joint plans and ideas, in a need for real quality. And that appeals to me. I very much enjoy being able to meet these needs through our projects. In this profession, I feel that the emphasis is on high-quality concepts, taking into account societal developments such as sustainability and energy-neutrality, as well as new trends in living and homes. It is satisfying to see how Bond’s dedicated, thoughtful approach is appreciated by our clients, by investors and by the government.



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